A Comprehensive Guide on How to Screen Record on Mac

Screen recording has become an indispensable tool for Mac users, serving various purposes from creating tutorials to showcasing software functionalities. Fortunately, Mac offers built-in tools and third-party applications that make screen recording an accessible and efficient process. In this article, we will walk you through the different methods available for recording your screen on a Mac, exploring both the built-in options like QuickTime Player and Screenshot Utility, as well as third-party applications.

Method 1: How to Screen Record on Mac Using QuickTime Player (Built-in)

Opening QuickTime Player:

  • Navigate to the Applications folder or use Spotlight to find and launch QuickTime Player.

Initiating Screen Recording:

  • Access the menu bar, click “File”, and select “New Screen Recording”.
  • A dedicated window will appear with options to configure audio sources and recording quality.

Adjusting Settings:

  • Customize settings such as microphone input and the visibility of mouse clicks by clicking the small arrow next to the red recording button.

Commencing Recording:

  • Click the red record button to initiate the screen recording process.
  • To conclude the recording, either click the stop button in the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Control + Esc.

Saving Your Recording:

  • After stopping the recording, QuickTime Player will automatically open the recorded video.
  • Save the file to your preferred location.

Method 2: How to Screen Record on Mac Using Screenshot Utility (Built-in)

Accessing Screenshot Utility:

  • Open the Screenshot utility by pressing ⌘ (Command) + Shift + 5.

Selecting Screen Recording Options:

  • Opt for the screen recording option on the control bar.
  • Fine-tune settings like the recording area, microphone input, and save location.

Initiating and Concluding Recording:

  • Click the record button to start the screen recording.
  • To end the recording, use the stop button in the menu bar or press Command + Control + Esc.

Accessing and Editing Recordings:

  • The completed recording will be saved to the designated location.
  • Trim recordings directly within the Screenshot utility if necessary.

Method 3: How to Record Screen on Mac Using Third-Party Applications

If you require additional features, consider exploring third-party applications:



  • Advanced video editing capabilities.
  • Cursor highlighting and effects.
  • Voice narration and system audio recording.
  • Annotations, callouts, and animations.



  • Professional-level video editing.
  • Multi-channel audio recording.
  • Advanced animations and motion graphics.
  • Support for iOS recording.

OBS Studio:


  • Free and open-source.
  • High customization for live streaming and screen recording.
  • Support for multiple sources and scenes.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.



  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Image and video capture.
  • Screen recording with audio.
  • Editing tools and effects.

How to Edit and Save Screen Recording on Mac?

  • Launch QuickTime Player from your Applications folder or using Spotlight (⌘ + Spacebar and type QuickTime Player).
  • Open the screen recording you want to edit by clicking on “File” and selecting “Open File”.
  • Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Trim”. This will open a trimming interface.
  • Drag the yellow handles to select the portion you want to keep and click “Trim”.
  • Click “File” and select either “Save” to overwrite the original file or “Export As” to save a copy with the edits.
  • Choose the destination and file format, then click “Save” or “Export”.


Mastering screen recording on your Mac is now within reach, thanks to the array of built-in tools and third-party applications available. Choose the method that aligns with your needs and preferences, and unlock the potential to create high-quality screen recordings for various purposes.

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